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Potassium chloride is widely used in metallurgy as an additive to hardening and soldering salts and as smelting salts and drossing fluxes in the foundry industry. High-purity reagents ensure desired metal properties.

Another application of potassium chloride is a component of fluxes for aluminium remelting. High energy consumption in primary aluminium production ensures a strong commercial interest in aluminium recycling. To remove impurities, potassium-based cover fluxes are added in the process; this allows the efficient elimination of oxides occurring on the metal's surface, and thus provides for the high purity and further usability of aluminium. Size distribution of potassium chloride produced by Uralkali is very similar to the size distribution of other components, which enables the production of potassium chloride fluxes of a homogeneous composition.

Potassium chloride produced by Uralkali meets effectively the requirements for additives used in metallurgy.

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