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Muriate of Potash (MOP) is the most widely used and the most concentrated (min 60% K2O) source of potassium for plants.  It is suitable for all types of soils and crops that are tolerant to chloride-containing fertilizers.  Depending on the level of agricultural development, farmers apply MOP manually or with mechanical spreaders.


Granular MOP is also used as a component in fertilizer blends.  Granular MOP produced by Uralkali is similar in grain size to nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers thus ensuring homogeneous fertilizer blending to prevent separation of the finished product.

Application of MOP as a fertilizer:

  • enhances crop yield and quality;                                                                            
  • increases economic efficiency of crop production;                                                                     
  • improves plant resistance to stress factors, such as droughts, low temperatures, disease and pests; 
  • improves product appearance and commercial attractiveness.

The fertilizer rate of MOP may depend on:

  • the crop;                                                                        
  • the soil type and its nutrient content.

The global annual consumption of MOP as a fertilizer exceeds 55 million tonnes.  Potassium is one of the key elements to ensure food security on our planet. 

Granular MOP and Standard MOP produced by Uralkali are treated with an anti-caking agent and dust suppressor; its granules demonstrate high strength and homogeneous composition. 

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